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Carpet Floor Office Chair Mat Vinyl 1200 x 900mm

  • $4495

Office Chair Carpet Mat

Whether your floor is carpeted or tiled, the area under your chairs gets the most abuse! Reduce stress caused by swiveling and wheeling over the floor simply by using a chair mat. The textured mat surface resists scuffs and scratches. An easy solution to protect your floors, grab a char mat for your floors.

Note: As the chair mat is packaged in a roll up shape, it is recommended to put it under a heavy weight item for 2-3 days to flatten it. If it is still roll up, please run it with hot water and let it cool down (PVC's feature), then pull it outwards to flatten it.


* Size: 900mm x 1200mm
* Thickness: 5mm including dimples
* Material: PVC
* Colour: Clear

Package Contents

* 1 x Chair Mat

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