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1500W Pool and Spa Pump

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1500W Pool and Spa Pump

The Giantz Professional 1500W pool and spa pump is capable to produce a prodigious flow rate of 33,600L/hour (560L/min). It is more than capable of handling large salt water or chlorine filtered pools of up to 100,000 litres. With its super-efficiency, you can save significant of time and money. Built with corrosion resistant marine grade housing and chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge, the Professional 1500W is durable to withstand pool salt, chlorine and other regular pool chemicals. Features a removable strainer basket with a built-in thermal overload protection, for preventing any debris, leaves and hair strands from passing through, leaving your pool squeaky clean at all times. Coupled with its ability to cycle through and clean up to 100,000L swimming pool in less than 3 hours, it is ideal for most Aussie backyard pools. Low noise operation will ensure that you wouldn't even notice that the pump is running. Next thing you know, the pool is squeaky clean and ready for a swim!

* Corrosion resistant marine grade motor housing
* Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge and tank body
* Tough and durable construction
* Removable strainer basket with see-thru twist on lid
* Ideal for both chlorine/salt water circulations
* Highly conductive copper motor ?Power efficient & low heat generation
* Low noise operation
* Built-in thermal protection
* Excellent flow rate
* Suitable for pools up to 100,000 liters
* Suitable for salt, chlorine, in-ground and above ground pools
* SAA, CE, EMC, GS & TUV approved

* Voltage: 240V/50HZ
* Power: 1500W
* Max. Delivery height: 18m
* Max pump rate: 560L/min
* Inner & outer pipe diameter: Australian Standard 48mm & 55mm
* IP Protection: IP55
* Noise level: <65DB

Package Contents
1 x 1500W Pump

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