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2500LBS 2-Speed 4WD Recovery Hand Winch

  • $5595

Recovery Hand Winch

Looking for a cheaper alternative for a rear mounted winch? The 2500LBS 2-Speed 4WD Recovery Hand Winch is the product for you. With the 2500LBS 2-Speed 4WD Recovery Hand Winch, you will no longer be stuck on the road in the middle of your journey. It winches your ATV out of the unpleasant and unexpected situations. Featuring heavy duty steel body with an extra long 8m synthetic strap and a simple clamping system, the hand winch is easy to setup and use.


* 3 gears 2-speed models
* Heavy duty steel body
* Durable synthetic strap
* Universal mounting holes
* Weather resistant
* Easy to remove handle
* 2-way locking system
* Mooring hook equipped with a safety pawl
* Pulling capacity: 2500lbs / 1136kg
* Material: Steel
* Synthetic strap: 5cm x 8m
* Weight: 5kg

Package Contents

* 1 x Hand Winch

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