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A quick, easy and versatile shelf solution fits into any space without the need for fiddly installation or damage to walls and ceilings. It enables to maximise your laundry or bathroom space. An each basket and shelf can carry up to 20kg. It can be set up above laundry or toilet to use a vertical space.

* Innovative design
* One-Touch button for height adjustment
* Anti-Slip spring loaded rubber caps
* Space saving
* Height adjustable
* No screws or tools required
* No damage to ceilings and walls

* Adjustable height: 170cm - 280cm
* Material: Steel and ABS
* Tubes diameter: 3.2cm
* Loading capacity: 20kg per basket or shelf
* Include: 2 poles, 1 basket, 2 shelves

Note: An extension pole can be purchased separately if you need higher pole

Package Content

1 x Shelf

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