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Double Quilt - Mulberry Silk 100% Natural

  • $21895

Another quality manchester item from Salvatore Angelotti. Sleeping is a very important part of your health and lifestyle and sometimes dictate your performance the next day. Sleep in style with this fantastic item.


  • Lightweight, breathable, soft, quality duvet
  • 100% natural mulberry silk
  • 205 gsm fill
  • 233T fabric white color
  • Outer fabric covering is 100% cotton
  • Unit comes in a storage bag packaged with a colour retail insert
  • Unit contains care instructions
  • This item is of genuine filling that has been professionally treated and prepared
  • Please note: product images are for illustration purposes to demonstrate this model. The exact fitting for this model varies depending on the size you purchase.

Size Dimensions:
Double size:180x210cm (approximate)

Package Content:

1 x Double Quilt - Mulberry Silk 100% Natural

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