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Guest Spring Mattress QB

  • $26450

Guest Full Spring Mattress In-A-Box

A full spring mattress with soft stretch knit quilting for movement absorption, even weight distribution and comfort

Replace uncomfortable futons and trundle beds with a proper mattress that provides a calm night of sleep - no tossing or turning!

Mattress is rolled up, sealed and boxed - simply pop it out where you wish to have it for an instant bed without the fuss of removalist delivery or awkward moving

Great for families - replace every mattress in your home for the cost of one mattress


*1 Zone Spring

*Quilting Foam Layer: 100% regular foam

*Pocket coil (2mm): 20 x 29 = 58

*Dimensions: (W)153cm x (D) 203cm x (H) 20cm

*Colour: White

*Size: Queen

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