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Robotic Leaf Catcher Blue

  • $8195

Robotic Leaf Catcher Blue

Designed to easily attach to any standard pool cleaning hose or the Zodiac Twist and Lock hose, the Leaf Catcher delivers maximum suction power with its cyclonic suction with no extra strain on the pump. The leaves are systematically collected in a large and clear leaf canister for easy disposal. In essence, it offers easy control and maintenance with less frequent debris removal and uninterrupted pool cleaning.
Easy to install and operate, the Zodiac Leaf Catcher is compatible for use with most suction pool cleaners. So say swim farewell to leafy problems and leave it to the Zodiac Leaf Catcher to do its task perfectly.

* Cyclonic suction
* Maximum suction power with no extra strain on pump
* Large and transparent
* Leaf canister
* Easy control and maintenance
* Less frequent debris removal
* Compatible with all suction cleaners
* Suitable for use with standard pool hoses of suction cleaners

* Brand: Zodiac
* Compatibility: Suction cleaners
* Colour: Blue

Package Content
1 x Leaf Catcher